Show me you are an active member in the military, law enforcement officer, fire fighter,

teacher, or union member to get a surprise gift as a thank you for your service.

Who am I and  Why would you hire me?

I'm Coty Montroy and I believe people are inherently good, resilient and caring.  All of us are looking to make a life that is worthwhile. Life is short so make it fun.

I make photographs because it brings me joy to see a print of what I've created. It makes me happy to capture moments that will become family heirlooms for my clients.  It truly makes my day when my clients tell me that they loved their images, and that they felt great during our time together.

I will use my skills to craft memorable images for you. You'll be in for an amazing, fun (yet professional) drama-free experience. I'll do everything I can to exceed your expectations and deliver the quality service you are looking for. I believe in working with the clients that I’m best suited for and providing unparalleled, awesome, out-of-this-world service...and that's what you'll get when you hire me.

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This is my funny guy Patrick and I. The two kids Sasha and Vic are grown and gone to create their own amazing lives, so we now live with our two pups: Buddy and Konan.